Monday, December 31, 2012

Tourist Town Central

Finally, we made it to Fredericksburg. We have been within 100 miles of the town for the past month. Everyone we talked to said this was the place to go. They said we would love it there. It is a very popular tourist destination for locals and visitors alike. And the German influence may get us that Rye bread we have been so wanting.

We were pleased on all counts with this town. They definitely know they are a tourist town. The main drag along the highway is the 'historic district', home to restaurants, bakeries, candy and fudge stores, granite and iron shops, boot and hat stores, gift shops, wine stores, antique malls, patio stores and museums. There was also a park across from the Court House with German heritage items as well as a skating rink.

For $10 a piece and the cost of skate rentals we could have skated on ice. Maybe next time.

There was a statue commemorating the earliest treaty signed in the area with the Commanche and German Settlers back in 1847.

One could spend days taking in all the sights and sounds of Fredericksburg. We had been told by folks in the town as well as others prior to coming here that the spring time is really the best time to see Fredericksburg. That is when the wildflowers are blooming. Apparently the area around Fredericksburg is famous for it's wildflowers, and the bluebells which bloom in May.

Our first purchase in town was at the Walmart. I found the rye bread I was looking for. Each day we were in town another loaf was aquired. It was sooo goood, and definitely hit the spot.

We went antiquing for a friend, finding a good selection of items requested. For a tourist town, the antique malls were very reasonably priced. That was nice to see.
A pair of boot jacks
an old spur
some hand forged branding irons

In the granite and iron store, there were stacks of granite slabs (obtained from the local area) that one could have made into tables of any size. The tables averaged about $3000, but one could purchase a cutting board or lazy susan for $100-200 depending on the colors in the granite. I was so tempted to get a cutting board, but Ward said we didn't the extra weight in the RV. He is so practical like that, hmm.

Our last stop was at a funky patio store we saw on the way into town. It was filled with bright colored metal figures, ceramic pots, metal art, and so much more.

They even had a singer / guitar player on a small stage outside amongst the patio art, entertaining customers.

The weather in this area had turned quite cold since Christmas day, and the forecast was predicting rain and 50 degree temperatures for days to come. With that in mind I checked temperatures for various areas of southern Texas and we made the decision to leave the area for a month or so, and head to Corpus Christi. The plan is to come back to Austin / Fredericksburg around the end of February when the weather is to be a bit nicer. We also made the difficult decision to put the bike back on the rack before leaving town. It hasn't seen that rack since Van Horn, Texas in mid October.

Next stop Luckenbach, for a quick picture at the post office. Then we head on down the road.

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