Sunday, January 20, 2013

Life On The Beach

It's January. It's January and we are lying on the beach. We have to keep telling ourselves that. We have days when it is 50 degrees on the beach, with a strong wind coming in off the water. Then there are days when the temperature reads 90 degrees in the sun. Some days are clear, where you can see for miles down the beach, others are foggy damp and cool. On the cooler days we mostly have the beach to ourselves, well, us and Bill. He is from Washington State and has an RV a mile down from us. On the warmer days there might be 2-3 cars at a time on the beach, some stay for a couple of minutes, others fish or enjoy the beach for several hours. Then by nightfall the beach is our own again.
Ward continues to be the welcoming committee, approaching everyone on the beach, finding out where they are from, how long they are here, and their life stories. We take long walks on the beach, collecting shells, barnacles and photos.
At this time of year, when the water is cooler, many varieties of jelly fish wash up on shore, including the man-of-war, which has toxins in the tentacles. It is always best to wear footwear on the beach, especially on cooler days.
This is a very low key life we are having now. We park for a week at a time, without going into town. We have no internet, no cell phone service, and only sometimes get TV. Ward and I do try to catch the news each night, especially for weather reports, but are not too concerned if we do not. The rangers stop in to check on us, and chat, providing information on the tides and any bad weather coming our way.
We have managed to keep ourselves entertained with our walks, and talking with folks on the beach. We play cards and dominos. And this last time coming into town I got myself a paint-by-numbers and and Ward picked up a model car to put together.
When weather permits, we have a BBQ dinner on the beach, with tiki lights a-blazing. The tiki lights really only work when the wind is not too strong.
On cooler evenings we watch movies. We found DVD packs that have 25 and 50 movies costing $5-10, such as 'Swingin Seventies' and 'Classic John Wayne'. And we continue to watch our TV collections of Weeds, Deadwood, Breaking Bad and The Wire.
Sorry, no pictures this time, due to technical difficulties.

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