Sunday, September 30, 2012

Look Mom, No Mittens!!

(This post was written yesterday, but I could not get an internet connection to post it. Better late than never!)

Ward finally took off his toque and mittens. He is down to wearing a single layer of socks and one t-shirt. Thank goodness. I thought he would never warm up.

I, on the other hand have been without socks for days already, and today started wearing shorts and a tank top. We are about 60 miles into Nebraska with afternoon temperatures in the 80s and evenings dipping down to the mid 50s. I would say those are perfect temperatures.

Ward went to his first International AA meeting last night in Yankton, SD. The group was friendly, and I chatted with some of the members after the meeting as well. We found a meeting the evening before in DeSmet, SD, and waiting for people to arrive at the church, but there did not seem to be a meeting. I guess we will get that from time to time on the trip. I search on the internet and get information on the scheduled meetings, but really, who knows how current those lists really are.

I would have to say DeSmet, SD was not a total loss. I got to see Laura Ingalls house. We didn't actually pay for the official tour, but did check out the outside of the Surveyors  House and DeSmet's first school house.


This morning we left Yankton and crossed the Missouri River into Nebraska. About a mile later there was a rest area, which we stopped at. We checked out the scenic overlook and found a nature trail. I talked Ward into going down the trail. It ended up being a lot longer than I had expected. Ward took a short cut back to the parking lot and tourist information center, but I kept walking and finished the trail. I was a bit winded by the end, but it was a good walk. I would like to do more of those trails as we make our way through America.

We are now in Norfolk, NE, home town of Johnny Carson. And we are back in the old familiar campground of Walmart. We spent the last two nights in Church parking lots, the one in DeSmet and the other in Yankton. I must say, they are quieter than the Walmarts, but when camping at Walmart there is no sense of urgency to leave the next morning.
Photo log:
North Dakota Farm
South Dakota Field
Hwy 81 travelling south in Nebraska

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