Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar Bingo On The Beach

Here we are on North Beach in Corpus Christi. We are going to try and stay the night in the parking lot, with Corpus Christi Bay outside our front window. We'll be watching the Oscars here, palm trees to the left of us, beach to the right. What could be better than that.

This year, not only did we print voting cards for the top six categories, but we also printed out four bingo cards (2 each). Ward and I will be playing Oscar Bingo this year. We got the idea for the bingo from Kelly and Michael on morning tv. And I found the bingo cards online at Star Ledger. On our last shopping trip we picked up pre-popped popcorn so we can enjoy the proper snacks for the evening entertainment.

Earlier this afternoon Ward and I took a walk down the beach with the video camera, and yes, Ward was filming this time as well. So here are our nominations for best vacation clip.

Oh, speaking of movies, my son has his own listing on IMDB, the movie database online. I am so proud of him!!

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