Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Little History In Plantation Country

When we made the decision to enter Louisiana I wanted to tour a Plantation. Originally we were heading for New Orleans, but plans changed. We chose instead to tour the small towns as we cut across Cajun country heading north and east. As luck would have it we were able to make a few adjustments to our route and go through the northern part of Plantation Country in Louisiana. That took us to the small town of St Francisville which has several plantations and a downtown area that is packed with historic buildings. In fact the entire downtown consisting of 146 buildings is recognized in the National Historic Registry. It is also the second oldest incorporated town in the state of Louisiana.

The woman at the tourist center in the town of St Francisville was very helpful in providing information for our stay in town. She recommended the Rosedown Plantation and said it was her favorite of those in the area. Then I was given a map of the historic downtown area as well as a brochure explaining each of the buildings along the route. It took in about four blocks of historic houses and churches.

Audubon Market Hall c.1819 was an open air public market. Arches were closed in 1868 becoming Masonic Lodge, theatre, library then town hall from 1974-78.
Golsan House c 1885 queen anne style
Grace Episcopal Church built 1858-1860, original church built in 1827
Hillcroft c.1905 a grand neoclassical townhouse built for Judge Samuel McCutcheon
Printers Cottage next door to the town newspaper.
Propinquity c.1809 It was a store below and living quarters above.
Prospect built before 1807
Seabrook c.1817
St Francisville Democrat, the local newspaper, established 1811.
United Methodist Church 1899. Methodists arrived in area in 1803.
Virginia c. 1817 as a one-room store, additions in 1826 and 1855
Widow Ross's House.
The next day we took a tour of the Rosedown Plantation. It was built in 1835 and contains acres of garden area at the front of the property.
The Plantation main house has 90% of the original furnishings and has several out buildings including a kitchen, woodshed and old barn.
We took the tour, at the cost of $10 a piece. It was well worth the $20 we put out. I video taped the tour of the main house as well as the grounds. It will be ready soon and will be posted in the next few days.

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  1. Very cool! Nice to learn about the history! :) Looking forward to watching the video!