Saturday, March 9, 2013

She Saw Seashells Down By The Seashore

Holy Cr*p!

Well at least I think that is what I said when I had a look at the shells along the shore. We had just pulled up to the beach at Quintana, just south of Freeport along the Gulf Coast. Then I went over to the edge of the water, and there they were. Sea shells. But not just ordinary sea shells. Not the oysters and clam shells that have littered the other beaches. Oh no. This beach had the fancy ones. There were snails, whelks, conch, cones, murex and more. And they were everywhere. Some of the shells were broken, but we found several intact shells. I have never seen so many of these gastropods (univalve shells with no hinge) on a beach before. I was in my glory walking down the beach picking seashells. Ward and I walked about two miles of beach on this adventure. We sure are getting our exercise. Between shelling and birding / bicycling and walking, we are definitely getting our exercise.


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