Friday, March 22, 2013

All Historied Out, Time For Some Catfish And Blues

Since we hit the Brazosport Area in Texas we have been taking in the history of each area we have visited. But I am now all historied out. I don't want to read another plaque or visit another museum. Today, I just want music and food. So, we are off to Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale Mississippi.

Ground Zero is a blues bar in downtown Clarksdale dedicated to keeping Delta Blues alive. It is partially owned by Morgan Freeman, and we chose this joint to relax for an evening of blues and some good food. They have music every Wednesday thru Saturday, so we made sure we came through town on a night when there would be live music.

When we got to town we dropped by the club to ensure there was music playing that night and find out what time the band started. We were told 8pm, and Steve Kolbus and the Clarksdale Blues Revue would be playing. They are a local group and we were told they were very good. So, we went for a walk around the downtown, had a bit of a rest, then headed to Ground Zero for dinner and an evening of entertainment.

After looking at the menu we found there were a few things we wanted, but did not want to order too much food. Our waitress Tina was great. She helped us put together a couple of plates of food with exactly what we wanted to try. We shared an order of catfish, and had fried green tomatoes along with it, and shared a small coleslaw. It was great, and the portions were exactly enough for the two of us.


We met another couple who were travelling in a camper van during the day, and they joined us after we had finished eating. They were actually in the joint for dinner a little earlier in the evening. They arrived back just in time for the music to start.

Our waitress, Tina, talked us into a peach cobbler. Again, a great choice. What a great night. Great music, wonderful food, and good company. We stayed until quite late listening to the band. The joint was filled with tourists, most staying for the entire evening.

Earlier in the day when we were wandering through downtown, we were approached by Steve Kolbus, the lead singer of the band. He gave us a handbill and invited us to Ground Zero. He was going all over town rounding up everyone on the streets and getting them to come to the club for an evening of music. The results were that the place was filled with people from all over the world. We had tourists from New Jersey, Colorado, Florida, Canada, Australia, Holland, Norway, England, and France. Clarksdale is the birth place of Delta Blues, bringing people from all over the world there to enjoy real homegrown blues.

We finished our visit to Clarksdale with a picture of  'The Crossroads' at the corner of Hwy 61 and 49. One of the locals said The Crossroads was more of an idea than a true story. He also said it was not actually Robert Johnson who started the legend of The Crossroads, but his brother.

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