Sunday, March 3, 2013

In Search For The Ellusive Whooping Crane

We entered Goose Island State Park with the intention of dumping the septic tank, we affectionately call Leonard, topping up our washing water and grabbing a shower. But once we got there, we found the park so inviting that we make the decision to stay a couple of days.

The park ranger asked if we had made reservations. No. We had no intention of staying overnight until now. I said we did not need any services, a primitive site would be fine. So, we were shown where to go and found ourselves a lovely site on Liveoak Circle, site 220.

After parking the RV we unloaded the bicycles and I talked Ward into an adventure. We went in search of birds. I know, I know, Ward said he was never going to go bird watching. But he loves me. And he has learned that it is important to keep me happy. So off we went, in search of water fowl and other such birds and interesting things.

I took the video camera and tried to film as many birds as we came across. So for two days we cycles around the State Park looking for birds, including the ellusive Whooping Crane.
Here is the movie I made of our adventures.

By the way, I have learned how to edit my recording and combine them into a single, almost entertaining, short film.


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