Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oak Carvings Of Ike's Remains

While in Galveston we decided to go on a walking tour of some of the carved oak trees. These trees were all remains of destroyed oak trees following Hurricane Ike in 2008. I did not have an official walking tour pamphlet showing the location of each sculpture on a handy dandy map, but I did get information from the internet. From that, I googled the locations and made my own map, selecting an area (about 10 blocks by 5 blocks in the historic district) that was managable for Ward and I to walk through. Of the 36 sculptures listed we photographed 21.

Alligators and Pelican
Angel cradling Bunny
Dolphin, Eel, and Dorado
Large Pelican
Mermaid holding clam shell
Monument to Galveston Trees
Pelican sitting on Piling
Pod of Dolphins and Mermaid
Sister Angels
Squirrel with Acorn
Three Pelicans and Fish
Tinman from Wizard of Oz
Yellow Lab

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