Thursday, March 28, 2013

Springing Into Winter

After spending our first winter down south we are making our way back to Canada. We have already had our first snowfall while in Leitchfield, Kentucky. The nights go down below freezing and some days are not much better.

As we pick up the pace to make it back to Canada, we are travelling along the interstate. Our preference has always been to take the back roads and enjoy the slower pace and small town views. But we are on a mission and just want to get through this snow belt between Kentucky and Ontario. So, interstate it is.

I managed to make it through Cincinnati travelling on I-75. The highway is four lanes across and full of traffic. But as you make your way over the Ohio River, the interstate narrows, and I swear the lanes narrowed themselves. The road curved as it went under other freeways above. It felt like going through a tunnel. A very fast moving tunnel. But the road soon widened out again, expanding back to four lanes, but never slowed it's pace. It is not the slow, relaxing drive that I am used to.

We drove through Cincinnati and stopped at the Walmart in Dayton, right along the highway. My Rand McNally Road Atlas said the Walmart was at exit 60, so I passed by exit 59 excitedly awaiting the next exit a mile down the road. Well, it never happened. But there was an exit at mile 61, so I took it, even though it said it was headed west to the airport or east to Columbus. I went west. It was another freeway, not an exit to the Walmart. No problem, I will take the first exit up the road and go back south. Well that didn't happen. The next exit was another highway going to the airport. Geez. I went a couple miles down the road to find another highway. Ok, I took it and went east. Are you lost yet? I was pretty sure I was. But I ended up back on the original interstate I-75 and headed back south to take exit 59. I was never so happy to pull into the Walmart parking lot as I was last night. That was a bit hair raising. Oh, and check out the piles of snow we found in the parking lot.

Along with the piles of snow in the parking lots in Dayton, we found our migratory friends, the Canada Geese. I guess we are not the only ones feeling it is time to head north.

This morning we headed north again, and soon found snow lying in the fields. The area is definitely colder than it had been the day before. The snowy fields and colder temperatures did not stay for long, probably only 10-20 miles. By the time we got outside Bowling Green, Ohio there was no snow to be seen.

Tomorrow we head for Detroit and on to Windsor. I must say I am not looking forward to the drive through another large eastern city on the interstate, but it can't be helped. I'll have a look at the maps before heading out, so I will know what to expect. And I'll be prepared for any and all toll roads that Detroit throws at me. But most of all, tomorrow this time we will be in Canada. Then we can start our next 6 month journey in our own country.


  1. If you use the bridge at Detroit follow the signs not the GPS or map

  2. Thanks for the info. we stopped at the tourist info in Michigan and they gave us instructions for the Ambassador Bridge crossing. And the signs were great to get us across. It was actually very low stress.