Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Food In Memphis

We are on a roll. After getting the catfish, fried green tomatos and peach cobbler in Clarksdale, we had to hit Memphis and pick up some more great southern food.

Our first stop was on Elvis Presley Blvd at a gas station we stumbled upon a few years back. They had the best fried chicken I have ever had. So, I managed to locate the place again. When I googled it, I found it was known for it's food. The place was called Dodge's Chicken Store and had quite a selection of good old southern fried foods. While Ward was filling the RV with gas I was inside selecting our treats. I got a chicken breast and a smoked turkey leg. Then I asked the woman at the counter about an odd item in the deli case. She said it was deep fried corn on the cob. Well ya! I got one of those as well.

We pulled over down the road at the information center and had the chicken and corn. The corn was cooked perfectly with a fried batter that was a bit spicy but very tasty. And the chicken was as great as I remember. It was cooked properly, not like KFC, with great crispy batter, and was huge. Then we had to take a few bites of the smoked turkey leg. That was about all we could manage for our lunch, and the turkey leg went into the fridge.

The next stop was Beale Street. I found a great parking spot about a block off Beale Street and we did a quick walk down the street. Then off we went in search of our very favorite BBQ joint ever, Le Rendevous.

Le Rendevous, which is located on General Washburn Escape Alley in Memphis, across from the Peabody Hotel, is a must stop when in town. They have the best BBQ ever. But we had already eaten and would not have room for the BBQ. Instead, we dropped in to get a bit of takeout food. We got an order of red beans and rice and a pint of coleslaw. They have the best coleslaw I have ever had. It has a bit of a bite to it, with an orange tinge to the dressing.

Then we were on our way out of town. Except, as we were passing Beale Street on the way to the RV we heard a marching band on the street. How could we leave now. Back we went onto Beale to take in the free show on the street.

That was a nice surprise. I'm glad I was able to capture it on video. Ward and I are going to enjoy all the videos I have taken since Corpus Christi when we dug the video recorder out.

We stayed in Bartlett, TN just east of Memphis for the night, then headed north-east along hwy 76. Tonight we are in Clarksville, TN, about 5 miles from the Kentuky border. We will be moving north as the weather allows.

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