Friday, March 29, 2013

Welcome To Canada, Eh!

Well, we did it. We're in Canada now. After a final hour on the interstate going through Toledo, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan, I saw the sign for the route to Canada.

I drove us across the Ambassador Bridge, paid a hefty toll, and got us through customs, landing us in Windsor, Ontario.

As we were driving along the interstate today, Ward and I were recallling the 6 months we just spent in the States. Ward said his two best memories were Sunday Pickers Night in Luckenbach, and camping on the beach at Corpus Christi. I had to agree. Those were the best of times. In turning it into a top ten, here is my list:

1. Sunday pickers night in Luckenbach

2. camping on the beach at Corpus Christi

3. slowing down and relaxing in hill country around Menard and Junction

4. spending time with fellow travellors around Corpus Christi

5. meeting so many interesting characters throughout the jouney

6. getting to ride the motorcycle all winter

7. bird watching and seeing the whooping cranes at Goose Island State Park

8. history tour through Mississippi

9. tasting new foods in Louisiana, especially boudan

10. visiting the Texas state parks, especially riding the motorcycle through Palo Duro Canyon, swimming at Balmorhea, and climbing Enchanted Rock

Now to start a new chapter in the adventure, summer 2013 in Canada. It's back to work for me, starting my customer service gig in Ontario. And Ward is itching to get the motorcycle off the rack and back on the road after seeing so many Ontario motorcycles riding by today.

Our adventure up north is off to a good start already with temperatures going up to 12 degrees Celcius today (for all you Americans, that's about 54 degrees - double it and add 30). I must say I am having a bit of trouble myself with transitioning into the metric system. My first experience with it was a speed limit sign saying '60' as I entered Windsor. I started to accelerate when Ward pointed out that it was kilometers. Oops. I may have been speeding.

Gotta go, eh!

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